CPR Training

CPR Training can entail infant, child and adult along with AED training and obstructional airway. Depending on the certification card you need may change some of the above. In some cases, you may only need infant and child but not adult.

The classroom training time can be different for each class dependant on the number of students in a class and questions asked. The cost for each student ($35 - $75) is dependant on the number of students in a class and where the class is being taught. CPR Classes include AED training. All training is done under the American Heart Association and all students receive their completion class cards within a few days of the class. We can do a class regardless of the number of students.

Craig has actually performed CPR on hundreds of individuals from his 21 years experience as a firefighter / EMT. Students will actually be trained from a person who has in the field / real world / life saving experience. 
CPR steps chain of survival design. Clipart image