CPR Training, AED Training, First Aid Training Services

CPR Training

CPR Training can entail infant, child and adult along with AED training and obstructional airway. Depending on the certification card you need may change some of the above. In some cases, you may only need infant and child but not adult.

The classroom training time can be different for each class dependant on the number of students in a class and questions asked. The cost for each student ($35 - $75) is dependant on the number of students in a class and where the class is being taught. All training is done under the American Heart Association and all students receive their completion class cards within a few days of the class. We can do a class regardless of the number of students.

Craig has actually performed CPR on hundreds of individuals from his 21 years experience as a firefighter / EMT. Students will actually be trained from a person who has in the field / real world / life saving experience. 
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AED Training

The AED training will include all aspects of the device from the use of it to maintenance. The AED will be shown how it is used on a manakin.

Any and all questions will be answered. It should be mentioned that Craig has used an AED on hundreds of patients during his career as a firefighter / EMT so he has the experience to communicate to all students the importance of the AED to save lives and how to effectively use it in a real life situation. The cost ($35 - $75) and class length will be dependant on the number of students and questions asked.

If you are thinking about purchasing an AED, please contact us. We sell the HeartSine AED, LifePak 1000 AED & LikePack CR2 AED as well as AED cabinets. We can assist you in that purchase and maintenance (and of course - training) of it after.

We are your go to local AED resource. Ask about our consulting, training, maintenance, and monitoring services.
National CPR / AED Awareness Week: June 1 - 7

First Aid Training

We cover First Aid Training which entails the following and so much more....

- Control bleeding - capillary, venous, arterial
- Bee Stings
- Summer Emergencies (heat stroke, sun-burn etc.)
- Winter Emergencies (frost bite etc.)
- Seizures
- Diabetic episodes
- Fainting
- Head Injuries
- And more....

The length of the First Aid Training class is dependant on number of students in the class, questions being asked, and each students knowledge of first aid. We can also be your go to resource for First Aid in general. We can inventory your supplies on site and help order anything you may need. We will also make suggestions for future reference.
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